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Special Offer Antiage 3: Lifting and fight against mimic wrinkles

Age : from 35 to 75 years
skin type: Dry sensitive skin, Normal and combination skin, Oily skin
Art: AG003
Price : 1314
Price : 49.53 $
55.03 $
Price : 42.31
The products of the Antiage 3 set treat minor expression wrinkles. It is also applied after botulinum toxin injections to prolong the achieved effect.
It consists of two products that effectively complement each other. By purchasing this set you receive both the desired results and the cost saving.
Lifting Elixir HYDRALIFTER intensively moisturizes and provides lifting effect, stimulates skin rejuvenation. It stimulates facial rejuvenation.
BOTOLIFTER Cream Day&Night Care stimulates internal processes of skin and dermal matrix repair, reduces wrinkles, accelerates the synthesis of fibers responsible for skin resilience and elasticity, thickens the skin to resist the gravitation factor and relaxes the facial muscles for a long period of time.
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