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→ Complex: Moisturizing for dry hair + health hair ends

Complex: Moisturizing for dry hair + health hair ends

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Expiration Date 03.08.2018

To make the dry hair look magnificent and fresh after washing – you need a specially chosen complex care for dry hair with pronounced moisturizing effect. In addition to the immediate effect of well-groomed appearance, the Dry Hair Moisturizing + Healthy Ends Complex also takes care of hair recovery, nourishment and protection.

ARGANI Moisturizing Shampoo for dry hair is soft face and hair wash that moisturizes, strengthens and protects the skin and hair. The shampoo contains argan oil.

ARGANI Moisturizing Mask for dry hair softens and nourishes the scalp. It prevents split ends and makes the hair look shiny and silky.

Regenerating Macadami Restore Serum for hair ends restores the lipid layer of hair shaft, strengthens its structure, protects the hair from breakage and splitting, and makes the dry ends smooth, vibrant and brilliant.

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