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→ Comlex: Intensive moisturizing

Comlex: Intensive moisturizing

Age : for all ages
skin type: for all skin types
Art: SPM04
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Demanding and problem skin needs a proper and constant care. It needs calming, proper moisturizing, irritation treatment, elimination of discomfort, even complexion, high quality cleansing, which includes adsorption of excess sebum, sebaceous glands regulation, and natural protection. The Demanding Skin Complex was created for this kind of skin.

CALM Face Mask provides a perfect care for sensitive skin, taking into account all its problems. It soothes, prevents inflammation, evens the skin tone, moisturizes, treats irritation and removes the feeling of discomfort, absorbs excess sebum, and regulates the sebaceous glands activity.

4D Elixir: DNA of Youth restores and enhances the protective properties of cells, and fills the cells with energy. Acting on the protective properties of the cells and filling them with energy through mitochondria, the elixir will help you to gain natural beauty and health.

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