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→ Complex: Problem Skin.

Complex: Problem Skin.

Age : for all ages
skin type: Problem
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Tender, mat, smooth and velvety skin like a peach – isn’t it the best natural beauty? Unfortunately, not every woman can enjoy such happiness. So many of us sigh, while looking at our reflection in the mirror, and dream of a miraculous transformation of our “problem” skin into “normal”. If this is your case, we have a perfect solution for you. “Problem skin” complex was created specifically for the complex care of the problem and imperfect skin.

BASIC TREAT cream for problem skin is for a daily care that softly and gently protects the skin for 24 hours; it also treats inflammation and irritation. Ingredients of the cream normalize the sebaceous glands activity, and have antiseptic, antibacterial, regenerative and anti-allergic properties. The skin is soothed, protected and moisturized; it gets rid of the oily sheen and, instead, acquires a healthy radiance.

Elixir SALVATION for problem skin treats both the sings and causes of the skin problems. The elixir-serum for problem skin was created especially for the oily skin with large pores, prone to clogging. It normalizes the sebaceous glands activity, narrows the pores, reduces redness, treats irritation, and prevents inflammation processes.

ANTI-BLEMISH mask for problem skin is a good care for problem skin and an effective solution of acne problem. Especially it is indicated for oily or extremely sensitive skin, prone to rashes and irritation. It regulates the sebaceous glands activity, prevents and removes inflammation and redness. Regular use of the mask gradually reduces and finally eliminates the signs of post-acne: the mask narrows the enlarged pores, lightens permanent spots, deals with the problem of uneven skin texture. It improves complexion, and evens the tone. It cleanses and soothes the skin, and gives it a feeling of comfort.

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