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Comlex: Detox

Age : for all ages
skin type: for all skin types
Art: SPM05
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Everyone is familiar with the term “stressed” or “tired” skin. Our pace of life affects the skin health. Especially this is the case of women who live in big cities. Polluted air, ultraviolet, free radicals and poor water quality negatively affect the skin. Sleep deprivation, unhealthy diet, steady stress, bad habits, environment – all of these factors negatively affect the skin. Metabolism is disturbed; toxins, free radicals and other harmful elements accumulate in tissues, resulting in deterioration of skin health. Under the influence of these factors, the skin loses its luster, and its complexion becomes sallow. This skin requires an additional care – restoration, regeneration and cleansing. The Detox Complex was created for proper cleansing of the skin; it improves the complexion and tones the skin.

DETOX Peeling Cream-Mask
restores the skin, detoxes it and improves its complexion. The result is achieved by intensive impact on the centers that are responsible for metabolic processes. The ingredients of the mask accelerate processes in the skin, improve blood circulation and clean the skin.

Regenerating DETOX Peeling Cream regenerates the skin and neutralizes the harmful impact of environmental pollution. For all skin types. Unique combination of natural oils, antioxidants, moisturizing ingredients, which are supplemented with natural essential oils, accelerates skin renewal and removes toxins.

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