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→ Complex: Restore damaged hair + health hair ends

Complex: Restore damaged hair + health hair ends

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Damaged hair is in need of a special care. Usually it is easier to take care of normal hair – cleansing and some simple procedures (to add volume or improve natural shine) are sufficient. But this is not the case with the damaged hair – the task is more complicated. To make the hair look great, they need to be restored: we need to strengthen the hair shaft, to “fill” all the voids in its cuticle, to make the hair strong and to protect it from other damages (breaking, dirt accumulation and harmful substances) and moisture loss. We have created the Repair of Damaged Hair + Healthy Hair Ends Complex as a perfect solution to the damaged hair problem.

MACADAMI RESTORE Shampoo for damaged hair gently removes dirt from hair and scalp without disturbing the damaged structure of the hair shaft. The scalp and hair are properly prepared for the further restoration procedures.

MACADAMI RESTORE Mask strengthens the hair shaft, “fills” all the voids and removes roughness on its cuticle, makes it strong, and prevents damages in the future.

Regenerating Macadami Restore Serum for hair endsrestores the lipid layer of the hair shaft, strengthens the hair structure, protects them from breaking and splitting, makes the dry ends smooth and shiny.

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