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Antiage comlex for men

Age : from 35 to 70 years
skin type: for all skin types
Art: MN001
Price : 1024
Price : 38.6 $
48.25 $
Price : 32.87
Men’s skin is different from women’s – it is thicker and harder and has more intense sebum formation. These factors make the men’s skin more resistant to mechanical damage and slow down the process of aging. However, when the sings of aging do occur, they develop rapidly – the wrinkles are deeper and more visible. In this case a man looks much older. To treat age-related changes of this type of skin is more difficult. Antiage Complex is a perfect solution for those men, who at any age take care of themselves.

quickly and effectively restores fresh and rested look. Active components of the mask “revitalize” the skin, improving its internal strength and prolonging its freshness, elasticity and beauty. Ultra-moisturizing and nourishing mask provides an excellent care for the tired, dehydrated and dull skin. This product is indispensable in situations, when you need to look great with no time at your disposal. It is like a “magic wand” – makes your skin look great immediately: it moisturizes, tones, removes puffiness, improves face contour and makes you look radiant.

ANTIAGE Face Cream for men
has a cumulative effect – contributes to active regeneration and repair of the mature skin, restores its former freshness, smooth texture and complexion and a youthful glow. It stimulates metabolic processes in the skin, improves elasticity and reduces sensitivity.
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