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→ Piel MEN Lucent serum for healthy skin color

Piel MEN Lucent serum for healthy skin color

Age : for all ages
skin type: for all skin types
Art: 6903
vol.: 50 ml
Price : 740
Price : 28.12 $
Price : 24.05
Expiration Date 05.12.2018

Sluggish, tired look, “baggy” skin below the eyes, skin of gray tone… One bad morning any man might wake up and see this reflection in the mirror. Mildly speaking, it is not pleasant, and certainly does not give you confidence. The reason for the tired and weary skin is not only age-related changes, but also the lack of proper rest and sleep, constant stress, unhealthy diet, environment, bad habits, etc. Usually these factors impact the skin simultaneously.

If sleepiness and lack of energy can be overcome with the help of invigorating cup of coffee, it does not help your skin. In addition to usual care, this skin needs special measures to restore its health, freshness and energy. It needs a proper complex of active ingredients, consistency and regularity. Lucent Serum for men for face skin freshness was created especially for this purpose. Even its name Lucent means “shining, radiant.” It means that the main task of the serum is to help the skin to regain its health, energy and freshness.

Results: fresh and radiant face skin, healthy complexion, even tone, absence of puffiness and dark circles below the eyes, better tone; effect of soft lifting. The feeling of energy and freshness. 


·         It is created especially for men’s skin

·         Makes the skin look fresh and improves its tone

·         Maintains the skin’s elasticity and youthful look

·         Removes the signs of stress, caused by our life in city

·         You always look fresh

Active components

Caffeine has strong tonic and draining effects, fills the skin with energy, and restores its former elasticity.

Vitamin PP improves skin complexion and removes the unhealthy skin color.

Hyaluronic acid maintains the normal level of moisture, prevents dehydration; it also improves elasticity and smoothness of the skin, and prevents premature wrinkle formation.

Vitamin C protects from the activity of harmful radicals and gives photoprotection.

, has a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-edema action, makes the capillary stronger, and has a firming effect, prevents baggy skin and dark circles under the eyes, protects from irritation, restores and maintains a normal complexion and even skin tone.

Silver citrate effectively fights with pathogenic microorganisms and protects the skin from a variety of unnecessary bacteria.

Apply a small amount of the serum on the cleansed face with light tapping movements along the massage lines until completely absorbed. For all ages and skin types. Apply before cream (or independently) in the morning and in the evening. For better results, it is recommended to use the serum for three weeks.

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