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About us

With the founder’s compliments


You inspire us and give the meaning to our lives.

Every man dreams to be surrounded by beautiful and well-groomed women. This is the reason, why we have developed a series of professional cosmetic products.

Created in 2008, our brand Piel Cosmetics is unique in its basis, which is low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid and nanosilver.

Piel is skin in Spanish. It is the object of our inspiration and the main purpose of our work.

We observe how our company gives the pleasure of skin care, health and beauty joy, and helps many women to be self-confident. We are proud of the results of our work and the recognition of Ukrainian women!

Let me thank you for your choice, your beauty, love and meaning that you are giving to our lives! Our primary duty is to take care of you, to give you comfort and bring wonderful moment into your life.
Piel Cosmetics

Be always beautiful!

Professionally. For those who know the value of results.