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For our cosmetics to be highly effective, pharmacists, who have appropriate professional experience, work on formulas of our products. Some of them studied and received the relevant knowledge in different countries of the world.

Deep understanding of the principles of component actions, skin structure, its processes, and characteristics of
skin types is needed to create effective cosmetic products.

It is also important to improve skills, to increase knowledge of new technologies, and to be able to work with the innovative assets, such as peptides and nano-components.

To create a new product, we combine this knowledge with the traditional active components, the effectiveness of which were tested and proven in practice in the course of many decades.
Moreover, our company cooperates with practicing partner-cosmetologists in the process of developing new products. All of them have higher medical education and extensive experience in the field of cosmetology. The cosmetologists professionally assess the practical effectiveness of a product and its organoleptic properties, and provide recommendations for usage of a specific component.

The “tandem” of pharmacists and cosmetologists, which are involved in the process of development of a new product, helps to provide a high practical effectiveness of the brand. Besides, the products, accepted and approved by the cosmetologists, are of a high demand, and easily win ordinary women’s hearts. This is because the standard of a professional quality is very high.

The process of product development – starting from an idea and resulting in a final product – involves over 30 people! This huge and complex work is performed by a lot of specialists. Each of them is responsible for the final result:

  • some specialists analyze the modern active components and innovations in the world of cosmetics with the purpose of applying them in the new development
  • technologists-pharmacists work on formula development and composition
  • doctors-cosmetologists examine the samples and give their recommendations
  • even some of our customers take part in the product testing. It is them, who are our clients, so their opinion is crucial for us
  • technologists create production regulations for the new product
  • ingredients are controlled to be in line with the strictest safety standards
  • the necessary documentation is prepared
  • the product samples are examined and tested by the relevant agencies, which give us permits

This list of people and tasks, which we have in the process of creating a new product, is not complete. Only such a careful approach helps us to achieve the guaranteed results, such as innovation, safety, and practical effectiveness.

None of the new products is brought into circulation until it meets the strictest effectiveness standards of Piel Cosmetics.

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