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Cream for RF-lifting procedure

Art: : 1035

Cream for RF-lifting procedure

Age : for all ages

skin type: for all skin types

vol.: 250 ml

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  • Description

    Cream for RF-lifting procedure

  • Advantages
    Results: the skin is moisturized and prepared for the RF-lifting procedure. The pronounced effect of lifting after the procedure. The skin is soft and smooth; the feeling of comfort.



  • Ingredients
     Vitamin E moisturizes the skin effectively, compensates the lack of lipids in the horny layer, stimulates collagen and elastin production, and prolongs the youth of the skin. It softens and smoothes the skin, has a calming effect, removes irritation and redness, and protects from harmful external impacts. Allantoin makes the skin perfectly soft and smooth, ready for machine treatment. Anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic properties of allantoin, its ability to maintain the moisture balance in the skin – all these “work” to rejuvenate the skin during the procedure and to restore its beauty.
  • How to use
      Instructions: apply to previously cleansed skin areas shortly before the RF-lifting procedure.
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