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→ Silver Aqua Spray Moisturizing Spray for face Spray. For Normal and Combination skin

Silver Aqua Spray Moisturizing Spray for face Spray. For Normal and Combination skin

Age : for all ages
skin type: Normal and combination skin, Oily skin, Problem
Art: 008
vol.: 100ml
Price : 150
Price : 5.65 $
Price : 4.83

If you are the owner of oily or combination skin prone to excessive fat production and if you feel that it suffers from the moisture loss, than the Silver Aqua Spray can help you. It perfectly moisturizes the skin throughout the day when a cream is not available. The unique combination of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and nanosilver provides moisturizing and matting effect. Due to the compact size of the bottle of 100ml, you can place it in a purse, take it in a trip or in a plane. It will allow your skin to be comfortable during a flight. Unlike thermal water, it does not contain salts and, thus, does not dry the skin.

In contrast to pure thermal waters, sprays provides a longer and instantly noticeable moisturizing. 

Specially developed for different skin types, formulas contribute matting for normal / combination skin.

Contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid has a high penetration properties, thereby not only effectively moisturize the skin and prevent moisture loss, but also provide anti-aging effect. 

The presence of nanosilver in formulas of products provides an antibacterial effect and helps relieve irritations.

Use for intensive moisturizing of skin throughout the day: at office, home, car, gym, beach, sun deck.

Especially recommended for use during air travels.

Silver Aqua Spray 250ml

  • It contains hyaluronic acid that has penetration properties 
  • Unlike thermal waters, it provides a longer and instant moisturizing effect
  • It contains nanosilver that provides a protective and calming effect and, thus, reduce the negative impact of external factors on skin
  • It can be used in a plain – the bottle of 100ml can be taken into a cabin
  • It is comfortable in use when other products are not available – office, automobile, gym, disco
  • It is absolutely hypoallergic and can be used at any age 
  • The spray with hyaluronic acid is at lower price than thermal water!
The main active components are: hyaluronic acid, colloidal silver.
  • It maintains the natural moisture level of the skin in any situation, especially under the conditions of dry air (air-conditioning, central heating, transport) 
  • In the morning and in the evening, use for face washing instead of tap water – spray on your face abundantly, wipe with a cotton swab
  • Use as tonic after washing before the basic care; it helps the active ingredients to penetrate effectively into the deeper skin layers
  • It can be applied over the makeup to refresh the skin during a day
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