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→ Silver Aqua Tonic Tonic for dry and sensitive skin

Silver Aqua Tonic Tonic for dry and sensitive skin

Age : for all ages
skin type: Dry sensitive skin, Normal and combination skin
Art: 012
vol.: 250 ml
Price : 260
Price : 9.83 $
Price : 8.43
Dry and sensitive skin demands constant moisturizing at any time of the year. The Silver Aqua Tonic was designed especially for this skin type. A pleasant sense of freshness, comfort, moisturizing and soothing remain after the tonic application. It does not contain alcohol and helps the cosmetic products to be absorbed better. It contains nanosilver that acts as an antiseptic that relieves irritation and redness. As a result, the skin is smooth, soft and prepared for the further treatment.
Tonics Piel Cosmetics contain low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which effectively moisturizes skin, prevents loss of moisture and reduce premature aging. 

Due to the ability of low molecular HA penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin tonics have anti-aging effect, slowing the signs of premature aging. Thanks to nanosilver which contain in tonics, they provide a high level of hygienic cleansing and additional protection against bacteria.

Use before basic treatment. 

Correct prepared, hydrated skin more effectively treats active ingredients of cosmetic products used for further care.
  • It is an ideal basis that contributes to the better penetration of the further skin care and moisturizing
  • It prevents the moisture loss and prevents the premature aging
  • It contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in a working concentration that moisturize, soothe and protects the skin
  • The moisturizers applied over the tonic of the Piel Cosmetics company are absorbed better and effectively
  • It provides matting effect for the normal/combinationskin
  • It provides an additional protection and better cleansing due to the nanosilver
The main active components are: hyaluronic acid, colloidal silver.
  •  In the morning and in the evening, wipe the skin of the face, neck and decollete area with a sponge after washing
  • It can be used at any age
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