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SILVER AQUA TONIC for all skin types

Art: : 1012

SILVER AQUA TONIC for all skin types

630 ГРН

Age : for all ages

skin type: for all skin types

vol.: 750ml

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  • Description

    SILVER AQUA TONIC for all skin types

  • Advantages
    • It perfectly prepares the skin for the further care and moisturizing
    • It prevents the skin from moisture loss and premature aging
    • It contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in a working concentration for moisturizing, soothing and protecting the skin
    • Face moisturizers are absorbed better and work more effectively after the tonic application
    • It mat the normal/combination skin
    • Due to the included nanosilver, the tonic perfectly protects and cleans the skin
  • Ingredients
    The main active components are: hyaluronic acid, nanosilver.
  • How to use
    Professional use: use the tonic at the stage of toning in all procedures of Piel Cosmetics. 
    Home use: in the mornings and in the evenings. Apply 2 ml to a cotton pad and wipe the skin of eye area, face and neck after previous cleansing. 
  • Review(3)
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    71Супер объем! Супер эффект! Не стягивает кожу, не оставляет покраснений.
    109Дуже класний тонік для будь якого типу шкіри.Прекрасно пом"якшує і не подразнює,не залишає відчуття липкості.
    101Эффективное средство для завершения этапа очистки кожи и подготовки к последующей работе косметолога.