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ENHANCER G2 Innovation from Piel Cosmetics: Serum-activator

Price: 649 ГРН

487 ГРН

You save:
162 ГРН -25%

Age : for all ages

skin type: for all skin types

vol.: 30 ml

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  • Description

    ENHANCER G2 Innovation from Piel Cosmetics: Serum-activator

  • Advantages
    • It is an alternative to machine procedures
    • This innovative product improves the effect of your usual cosmetic products
    • You achieve the results quicker
    • It reduces the consumption of your cosmetics
  • Ingredients
    The main active components are: The main component of the serum - Micromatrix fractile. Special anionic matrix structure ensures the transport of active substances deeper into the dermis. Increases the effectiveness of cosmetics that are applied. 
  • How to use
    •  Apply a small amount of the serum to a cleansed skin immediately before your main cosmetic product
    • It is recommended to use before serums, creams or fluids
    • It is recommended to use during salon procedures, with alginate masks, etc. 
    • It can be used in combination with any elixir and serum of Piel Cosmetics
    • It is recommended to use in combination with both home care and salon procedures for the better results
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