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→ ENHANСER G2 Innovation from Piel Cosmetics: Serum-activator

ENHANСER G2 Innovation from Piel Cosmetics: Serum-activator

Age : for all ages
skin type: for all skin types
Art: 042
vol.: 50 ml
Price : 590
Price : 22.6 $
Price : 19.12
Innovative product of the second generation - serum activator ENHANCER G2
Updated formula! Advanced composition based on the Micromatrix fractile component

The innovative product ENHANСER G2 serum helps the active ingredients of cosmetic products to penetrate deeper. The serum improves the work of other products and decreases their consumption. The ENHANCER G2 can be used as a base to the basic skin care; it is also recommended to use for oily and combination skin. 

Serum activator «ENHANCER G2» acts as "conductor enhancer." With its use results from the use of cosmetic products is achieved much faster, and themselves become more effective means: the skin is enhanced nutrition and moisturizing increases its protective properties and improves the general condition.
Apply a small amount of serum onto cleansed skin before use primary caregiver means.

Do not use more than twice a day.
  • It is an alternative to machine procedures
  • This innovative product improves the effect of your usual cosmetic products
  • You achieve the results quicker
  • It reduces the consumption of your cosmetics
The main active components are: The main component of the serum - Micromatrix fractile. Special anionic matrix structure ensures the transport of active substances deeper into the dermis. Increases the effectiveness of cosmetics that are applied. 
  •  Apply a small amount of the serum to a cleansed skin immediately before your main cosmetic product
  • It is recommended to use before serums, creams or fluids
  • It is recommended to use during salon procedures, with alginate masks, etc. 
  • It can be used in combination with any elixir and serum of Piel Cosmetics
  • It is recommended to use in combination with both home care and salon procedures for the better results
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