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→ Comlex: Intensive moisturizing

Comlex: Intensive moisturizing

Age : for all ages
skin type: Dry sensitive skin, Normal and combination skin, Oily skin
Art: SPM02
Price : 972
Price : 36.64 $
40.71 $
Price : 31.29
If your skin is tired and dehydrated and you need intensive and effective care, Intensive Moisturizing Complex is a perfect remedy.

BRILLIANCE Ultra-Moisturizing Cream-Mask of immediate effect is good for tired, dehydrated and dull skin. The mask will help you to look brilliant, if you have only 15 minutes to brush up.

Specialiste Moisturizing Eye Mask prevents moisture loss, improves skin elasticity, provides antioxidant protection, accelerates regeneration, intensively moisturizes and improves the cell immunity.

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