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Comlex. Fighting with pigmentation

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Pigment spots on face and neck upset us a lot. If scattered and hardly noticeable freckles on a young skin look charming, like “a cherry on top”, hyperpigmentation in the form of noticeable spots (especially on the mature skin) does not contribute to our beauty. Pigment spots are the problem of not only the mature skin – they appear in the result of hormonal changes (for example, pregnancy), or are caused by ultraviolet aggressive exposure. The latest results of research prove that it is possible to solve this problem. Whitening and Protection Complex was created specifically for this purpose. It restores the beauty and smoothness of your skin!

SPECTRUM SPF50 Face Sunscreen Cream protects from the harmful ultraviolet exposure. It provides a high level protection from short and long sun rays, preventing skin burning and premature aging.

Illuminos Intensive Whitening Serum
has a whitening effect; it removes pigment spots or makes them less noticeable, whitens the skin and evens the tone.

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